Finding poetry

Poetry has the capacity to remind us of something we are forbidden to see. Adrienne Rich

There are nearly 150 poetry publishers in the UK from established presses like Faber & Faber to small publishers printing beautiful pamphlets, chapbooks and broadsheets.

Independent presses keep poetry publishing alive, vibrant and current. Without them, only a handful of poets would see their work on the page.

Increasing amounts of poetry in translation are now available in the UK thanks to organisations like Modern Poetry in Translation and the Poetry Translation Centre.

The Saison Poetry Library is the most comprehensive and accessible collection of poetry from 1912 in Britain. It is the major library for modern and contemporary poetry. It has links to other traditional and electronic poetry libraries.

Free Verse Poetry Bookfair takes place one a year and is a showcase for poetry publishers in the UK. The website has a list of poetry presses who attend the fair with links.

Poetry book publishers in the UK

The Poetry Archive acquires and records contemporary English-language poets reading their own work, collects and preserves recordings of great poets from the past and makes extracts from these recordings available free of charge.

Modern Poetry in Translation affirms the vital importance of poetry in the modern world. It brings the best new translations, essays and reviews that address exile, the movement of peoples, the search for asylum, and the speaking of languages outside their native home.

It was set up by Ted Hughes and Daniel Weissbort in 1965 to get poetry into a wider circulation in English and to benefit writers and the reading public in Britain and America by confronting them with good work from abroad. Now edited by Sasha Dugdale.

The Poetry Translation Centre was established by poet Sarah Maguire in 2004 to translate contemporary poetry from Africa, Asia and Latin America to a high literary standard. Many languages spoken in the UK have rich poetic traditions; for Islamic communities in particular, poetry is a significant art form.

Poetry International contains thousands of poems by modern poets from around the world in the original language and in translation, as well as news, articles, audio and video recordings, interviews and links to other poetry organisations.

The Academy of American Poets is the leading website for American poetry with biographies of more than five hundred poets, thousands of poems, essays about poetry, books, anthologies and textbooks about the art form.

Allen Ginsburg explores the history of poetry

Adrienne Rich quote



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