Martina Evans – author visit

Tuesday 9 June

The Royal Literary Fund’s amazing support for reading in this flagship project also allows for an author visit during the year, so I invited London-based poet and novelist Martina Evans.

We’d already looked at some of Martina’s work, in preparation for the trip, and these are featured on the texts page, but when she read her own work aloud, of course it gave it an entirely different rhythm and perspective.

Martina’s generous in the way she talks about writing and is particularly passionate about the importance of reading – or rather, she sees reading as part of the writing process. It’s always good to be reminded of that, in a society that sometimes bent on the latest, the new. Her passion for James Joyce is infectious.

Also fascinating, was how Martina described revising her early novel, Through the Glass Mountain as a prose poem. Martina’s own website has all you need to know about her publishing history and what she’s working on now. She runs her own RLF reading group in London and teaches creative writing at Birkbeck University.


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